Word of the Kingdom Conference Nakuru and Mombasa Kenya March/April 2019

A journey that began in Kenya 18 years ago had brought us to our 10th trip to Kenya  and two spectacular Word of the Kingdom Conferences. One in Nakuru and the other in Mombasa. With over a hundred in attendance at each of the locations we have seen how the Word of the Kingdom is taught and received with great rejoicing. The Cross and Crown Ministry in Nakuru under Pastor Maina Waiganjo and the Mt. Zion Worship Centre in Mombasa, under Pastor George Mulinge are growing in spiritual maturity and actively pursuing the salvation of their souls. Pastor James Adika brought groups from Uganda and Rwanda where the Evangelical Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in his care is flourishing.


We may be truly amazed at what the Lord is doing amongst these wonderful people. And what a joy, if in that day, we should see each one receive the salvation of their soul.

From Rwanda

From Uganda



Those attending the Nakuru Conference

Those attending the Mombasa Conference