Jesus in the Old Testament

A study in 30 lessons entitled ‘Jesus in the Old Testament’ which considers what Jesus could have taught the 2 disciples on the road to Emmaus, ‘beginning at Moses and all the prophets’, the things concerning Himself’ (Luke 24:27).

Written by Ann Herbert

This page is intended to share the documents virtually for the upcoming Ladies Study on ‘‘Jesus in the Old Testament‘, please check back often for updated links or other important information. The complete series will be added to the “Resource” page at the conclusion of the Ladies Study sometime in 2023. For quicker access, save this link to your homepage or favorite links.

Ladies, please join us! Bi-Weekly Bible Study for Ladies Friday 10:30am EST

  1. Introduction – Jesus is the Word of God 
  2. ADAM, a Type of Him Who Was to Come (part 1)
  3. ADAM, a Type of Him Who Was to Come (part 2)
  4. ABEL, a Respected Offering – A Brother Killing a Brother
  5. SETH, Seed of the Woman
  6. MELCHIZEDEK, Priest of God Most High
  7. ISAAC, the Son of Promise
  8. ISAAC, the Sacrifice
  9. ISAAC takes a bride from his family
  10. JACOB & Esau – Firstborn Sons
  11.  JACOB took on flesh
  12.  JOSEPH, the Father’s Favorite Son 
  13.  JOSEPH Dreams of Rulership
  14.  JOSEPH, Hated & Envied by His Brothers
  15.  JOSEPH, the Dreamer who Interprets Dreams
  16.  JOSEPH, Savior of the World
  17.  MOSES, the Deliverer
  18.  MOSES, the Prophet
  19.  JOSEPH & MOSES take Gentile brides
  20.  The PASSOVER, without spot or blemish
  21. The TABERNACLE and The PRIESTHOOD (part 1)
  22. The TABERNACLE and The PRIESTHOOD (part 2)
  23. The TABERNACLE and The PRIESTHOOD (part 3)
  24. The TABERNACLE and The PRIESTHOOD (part 4) – Beyond the Veil 
  25. JOSHUA & The 2nd Generation Enter the Land
  26. BOAZ, the Kinsman Redeemer & The Inheritance
  27. DAVID & SAUL, 1st & 2nd Kings 
  28. DAVID (part 2), Psalmist & Prophet
  29. DAVID (part 3), The Son of David
  30. 10. SOLOMON, The Temple & The 7th Day